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i biscotti



i dolci


le torte

panificio equilibrio

sulla nostra pasticceria

Since I was very little I remember baking with my family and for me, that was a wholesome moment of fun and connectedness. Coming from a family in which the meaning of love was measured by the amount of yummy food you shared and received, I acquired the sweet habit of baking special treats for my loved ones as a gift on special occasions. This is the core of D'mazzini, baking from the heart to nourish the body and soul, like embracing an inner hug of warmness and joy.

The way we express love in my family? Asking for another piece and taking any leftovers home. This is what I aim to diffuse, the wholesome tradition of bonding with others by sharing sweet and delightful baked treats from the heart.


fatto in casa con ingredienti biologici freschi

All our wholesome goods are baked from scratch, made with organic and non-GMO natural ingredients. 

Freshly baked from our oven to your home.


i dolci, la felicità.

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